Since childhood, I have always enjoyed making things. I attribute this to my mother’s artist, and creative nature. She does a range of artist things from quilting to painting. She encouraged me from a young age to express myself in different creative ways as well.

I dabble in a number of areas. From my early years of photography (when you developed your own film and did the prints), to pottery, drawing and oil painting. Presently I do such things in jewelry that includes stringing, beading (such as fringing, peyote stitch – flat and tubular, and Kumihimo braiding), and wire-work. Teddy bear making from synthetic plush (or faux fur), mohair fabric, or re-purposing a family member’s old fur. As well as, a Halloween themed birthday bouquet I did for a friend.

I currently live in Rougemont, NC north of Durham, NC with my husband in a wooded neighborhood that offers a quiet setting for one’s imagination to wander amok. This setting is shared with our two furry cats, balls of amusement and companionship.